Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 25, 2016


Sister Fanning texted Candy to see if she wanted us to take Taylor and Bethany out for ice cream.  She did not get back to us, so we figured she was out of town. So we were going to take it easy today.

Elder Fanning got a call from Dr. Tran, the new military doctor who is taking over after Dr. Rosedale left.  He wants to see Elder Fanning.  He ordered some lab work and Elder Fanning went in first thing to get it done.

Sister Fanning prepared the grocery list and menu.  She and Elder Fanning were dressed in jeans and pants (for preparation day).  We were just about ready to leave when we got a text from Candy telling us to come.  So we changed out of our casual clothes into missionary clothes.

When we got to Candy’s, we found out that there were three more children from Bakersfield staying with them for spring break.  Jerry and Candy have very good friends who live in Bakersfield, and their children were visiting.  Taylor decided not to come with us.  But the oldest girl came with Bethany.  We went to McDonalds for ice cream sundaes.  We went to the exchange for a baby gift, and to the commissary for shopping and an Easter treat for Bethany to take home for the kids to share. When we dropped the girls off, the three boys were watching a movie, and Candy and Wayne were upstairs taking a nap.  Bethany showed us a musical jewelry box her father had got for her when his boat stopped at Korea.

We got a phone call from the NCIS special agent in our Ward.  He asked us if we would be willing to write a character reference letter for a young man who is facing a court martial.  The young man came to family home evening when we first got here. The agent was told he needed to stay out of it even though he was writing a recommendation as a Ward leader.  We told him we would be happy to do it.  He sent our information to the JAG lawyer providing the young man’s defense.

We came home and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We have a busy day tomorrow.

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