Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 28, 2016


This morning Sister Fanning made four cherry cream cheese pies.  She is trying to use up things in the cabinets and fridge.  She used lime juice instead of lemon juice in the cream cheese filling to make cherry limeade cream cheese pies.  They were really good.

She also made some French rolls.  She found a quick no-knead recipe that she decided to use.  They turned out really well.

The sister missionaries came for lunch at 3:00.  We moved the lunch time to 3:00 since they get a huge breakfast at the Ward Mission Leader’s home.  The sister missionaries block out Monday on their dinner calendars, so they do not get dinner appointments on Monday.  The elders decided not to blank out their Mondays, so they had a dinner appointment tonight. The elders did not come to lunch today.  We had Chicken Scarpariella, pasta in a rosemary cream sauce with sautéed chicken.  We also had salad, French rolls, and pie.

We cleaned up the food and did some dishes.  Sister Fanning also took a quick nap in her chair.

We left for Family Home Evening at 6:00.  Elder Fanning escorted a civilian family of three onto the base.  We had a military wife with two kids who is investigating the Church come.  Her husband is deployed right now.  Joss had not been to Family Home Evening for about three months since he has been on nights.  He told us he would be a regular from now on. Tiffany and Cade came.  We also had a young single adult from the Ward and the sister missionaries come.

With us, that made 14 of us there.  Two families who usually come were sick.  Elder Fanning gave a lesson he found on Facebook about using kind words.  We had games of It Came to Pass, Uno, and Phase 10 going.

We helped the civilian family drop off a table and chairs to a young couple on the base. We got home about 9:30.


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