Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 31, 2016


Elder Fanning had Men’s Bible Study this morning.  They talked about the Book of Revelations which led to discussions on Mexican food and Beatles music.

We went to Penny’s this afternoon to teach the second resiliency lesson.  She has had a rough week.  She said she was hoping to not have a melt-down until her husband’s deployment was half over.  She was grateful that we came to share the lesson with her.  She wants to come back to Church.  We are hoping that after General Conference and Stake Conference the next week that she will come to Church.

We relaxed for a bit this afternoon.

We left for Coalinga just before 4:00 for Addiction Recovery Group.  We really love the two ladies we meet with.  They are grateful that we come and thankful for the thoughts we share with them.  One of them is having seizures due to drug use in the past.  She is having a hard time thinking that she may lose her driver’s license if they continue to get worse.

We came back to Lemoore to pick up the cookies, napkins, and water.  We went to the Addiction Recovery Group in Lemoore.  We had a new couple come.  They are investigating the gospel. They came last night for a chapel tour.  They have lost their kids due to addictions, and are working to get them back.  They are happy since they decided to come to Church.  They committed to come regularly.

We got home about 8:30.


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