Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 1, 2016


This morning Elder Fanning got the car washed.  He also did some computer work and laundry.  Sister Fanning prepared the menu and grocery list.

It is Bethany’s birthday on Sunday.  Candy is taking the family to Bakersfield this weekend to celebrate Bethany’s birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  They are leaving as soon as Taylor is out of school.  We picked up Bethany at noon to take her out for a few hours.  We took Bethany to McDonald’s for lunch.  We went to the NEX to let her pick out a birthday gift.  She chose an Anna doll from Frozen.  It was inexpensive so we thought it was a good choice.  The NEX was also giving out birthday cake to celebrate their 75th anniversary.  We had some cake and then went shopping at the commissary.  Bethany was really good.  We dropped her off about 1:45.

We went home to finish the laundry and put away the groceries.  We also relaxed for a few hours.

We went to make some visits tonight.  We stopped first to see Jonah, Alice, and their three girls.  They found out that Jonah is going to be deployed next year for 10 months.  He has been gone for some training this week.  He goes for four weeks in April and four week in July for work-ups.  Alice and the girls have been struggling with allergies.  Their puppy also has bad allergies and has been really sick.  It has been a rough week.  They will go on our deployment visit list along with two other families that we know of who are on the same deployment schedule. The girls are quite taken with Elder Fanning and showed him lots of toys and had him read them some books.

We went to see Joel.  His wife was off doing something so we met only with him.  Their family has been sick also.  Joel has bad allergies and they have all had bad colds.  He has orders for Japan and they will be leaving in January.  We had a good time talking about Japan. He invited us back soon and apologized for putting us off so much because of illness.

We dropped off a couple more visiting teaching lists to sisters on the base.

We got home about 8:15.


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