Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 5, 2016


This morning we left for Coalinga at 9:30.  We had district meeting at 10:30.  We stopped for donuts in Coalinga.  We had two trainings from the sister missionaries on finding and teaching.

It was a good meeting.  The missionaries enjoyed the donuts.

We got back from Coalinga about 1:00.  We relaxed for about two hours.

We left for Fresno about 3:00. We stopped at the mission office first.  We turned in our apartment inspection forms. We also gave the office some paperwork on the apartment.

Apparently the gas company turned off our gas instead of the gas for Elder and Sister Brown’s apartment. The office picked up on it very quickly, and we did not even notice. But they charged the apartment complex a reinstatement fee for their own mistake.  Our lease expires the end of this month.  The mission needs to extend the lease until the end of May.  The mission had our check for travel expenses for the trip home.

We went to Costco for gasoline and Sudafed.  Elder Fanning still has a bad cold and Sister Fanning feels like she is getting one.

We picked up some Ideal Protein for the next couple of months.  The nurse was late so we had to wait about 15 minutes.

We stopped for Chick Fil A for dinner.  We will miss having that restaurant close.  The food is so good, and the service is always wonderful.

We drove straight to the base for our 6:30 appointment.  One of the gate guards stopped us on the way in to the base.  He said we had been to see him and his wife a couple of times.  He told us they were talking about returning to Church.  She is a member and he is not.  We will try to stop by this week or next.

We were a half hour late, but Jimmy and Allie did not mind. We had a nice visit with them.  Allie wants to be baptized.  After being taught on and off for a year by the sister missionaries, she is ready.  They also want to bless their baby who was born in November.  The problem is that Jimmy works every Sunday morning. We told them that they can bless the baby at home.

We gave them the executive secretary’s phone number so they can get the process started.

Tiffany had been texting us all day.  She was still drinking and getting more and more depressed.  She finally told us this afternoon that she wanted to have her name removed from records of the Church.  She did not think she could repent and after breaking her covenants, she felt hopeless.  She texted the Bishop about it.  We talked to her on the way to Fresno, but could not get anywhere other than getting her to dump the alcohol down the sink.

The Bishop called us while we were with Jimmy and Allie. We were on the way to see Tiffany when we called the Bishop.  He wanted to know what we knew about Tiffany.  We decided to go to his house and talk about the conversations we had with Tiffany.  After discussing the situation, we decided that the Bishop, his wife, and Elder Fanning would go see Tiffany.  Sister Fanning would stay with the Bishop’s four little girls.  After the meeting, Tiffany decided not to write the letter.  She met with the Bishop personally after the discussion.  They got back to the Bishop’s house at about 10:45.

We got home after 11:00.  It was worth the late night to get Tiffany back on the right path.

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