Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 8, 2016


Happy Birthday, William!

Elder Fanning had an appointment with the chiropractor this morning.  He is still trying to get over his cold.

We went to the base to do our grocery shopping.  We came home and relaxed for the afternoon.  We are both trying to get better.  Sister Fanning is feeling like she is sick but doesn’t have the symptoms of a cold.

We stopped to see the gate guard who stopped us at the gate on Wednesday night.  Miles answered the door because Lillith was nursing the baby. We let them know that Stake Conference is this weekend.  We also made an appointment to see them next week.

We drove to Ward Game Night.  We were early so we set up the tables and chairs for the games.  We had a great turnout considering it was General Conference the Sunday before, and it was not announced.  We had volleyball going in the gym.  We had Uno, Battleship, and It Came to Pass going in the game room.  We stayed late because the Bishop was in an interview.  Finally, Sister Fanning went home with The Bishop’s wife and Elder Fanning stayed to take the Bishop home.  Sister Fanning got home about 10:00 and Elder Fanning got home about 10:30.

Sister Fanning noticed that one of her teeth was very sensitive to pressure.  She thought maybe she was clenching her teeth during the games, so she decided to wait and see.

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