Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 16, 2016


Today was a really crazy day.  It started with a text from Tiffany telling Elder Fanning that she had wanted to kill herself for three weeks, but did not have the courage to do it.  Elder Fanning started texting her and found out that she had been partying with her sister.  He convinced her to come to our house.  She did not know where she was, but since it was an 8-minute walk away, she walked here.  She was still high, but managed to go to sleep on the couch.  She wanted to leave to take more drugs, but Elder Fanning convinced her to stay.

Mitch was still here.  Sister Fanning made scones for breakfast.  Mitch packed his things because he was leaving for Fresno this afternoon.  We got ready to go to our resiliency class. We asked the former stake president and his wife to take care of Tiffany while we went to class.  We dropped her off and went to class.

We had two families come to class.  One of the husbands was on a det in Fallon, Nevada.  We had him Skype in to the class.  It worked quite well.

Tiffany had left the home she was staying at to take a walk. We talked to the former stake president.  She had told him of the issues she has that causes her to go off the rails periodically.  They issues matched the ones she had shared with Elder Fanning.  They are not insurmountable issues; however, they will take work to be able to come to terms with them.

We found her a short ways away on her way back to the former stake president’s home.  We took her back to our house. She slept for most of the day.  We had contacted the Bishop, but he was out of town for a family function.  He would talk to her tomorrow.

We prepared our institute lesson while Tiffany slept.  We took Tiffany back to her sister’s house to get some clothes while we went to the exchange to buy a baby gift.  We went to see Joseph and Elisa.  Elisa had come back from Idaho for Joseph’s birthday.  They had a barbeque and we stopped to drop off the baby gift and wish him a happy birthday.

We had an appointment with a military family who lives in town.  Before we could get there, we got a call from Tiffany.  She was so uncomfortable at her sister’s house that she left and walked to a park.  We texted the family to tell them we would be late, and went to the base to get Tiffany.  We dropped her at our house.

The military couple, George and Carmen, has three little girls and a boy.  The kids love to see us, and we love to play with them. We spent some time with them learning a new card game called Wizards.  It was really fun and we had a great time visiting.

We got home about 10:00.  Tiffany was asleep.

Brian contacted us about coming to dinner in Anaheim.  He checked with Crystal about us coming.  She has not been very sure about the gospel.  But she told Brian that she wants to have God in her life.  Brian will let us know when in May we are supposed to come to dinner.  We are hoping to get them to see the missionaries while we are there.


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