Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 22, 2016


Sister Fanning was not feeling well.  She thinks she is getting a sinus infection as a result of the infected tooth.  She was also tired. She needed a day off.

She prepared a grocery list and menu for the week.  We took Tiffany to the base to get some things from her sister’s house.  We had lunch at Panda Express.  We went grocery shopping at the commissary.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Tiffany went to the Bishop’s house to babysit for date night.

When Tiffany got home, she talked to her grandfather.  He said some more nasty things that upset her.  She started to leave in tears.  Elder Fanning tried to stop her, but she got out the door.  He followed her outside and they had a heated conversation.  He was afraid she would get some drugs.  She left.  He came to get the car keys and left to look for her.  He left his phone and Tiffany called to say she was not going to use, but just needed to walk off her emotions.  Elder Fanning found her, talked to her, and came home.  Tiffany came in shortly after.  Sister Fanning talked to her and she said she just wanted some drugs to kill the pain.  Sister Fanning got her calmed down and suggested a blessing.  Tiffany asked for a blessing.  Elder Fanning asked the Bishop to come assist.  She felt much better after that.  She later apologized to us, took a shower and went to bed.

We are not sure what to do.  We need to find somewhere for her to go before we leave.  We are at a loss.

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