Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 25, 2016


This morning Sister Fanning called to make an appointment with the doctor at the base clinic. She needs to get some antibiotics for her sinus infection.  The appointment was for 2:20, so she backed off the lunch appointment with the missionaries until 4:00.

She had a bad night, so she went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Elder Fanning went to the store for some lettuce.  He also stopped at the fruit stand for some fresh strawberries right from the patch.  They are so ripe and sweet that you do not need sugar.  They only last a day, so they need to be eaten fast.

Sister Fanning worked on the sweet pork Barbacoa.  She put it in the slow cooker last night.  She added the next few ingredients and let it cook all day.  She also did some prep work on the rice.

Usually we get right in when we go to the base clinic.  Today, the doctor was running behind.  We waited an hour to be seen.  The female doctor she saw was really good.  She wanted to refer Sister Fanning to the ear, nose, and throat specialist since she has so many sinus infections.  Since we will be leaving next month, we decided to wait until she gets home.  She left with some decongestant, antibiotic, and nasal spray.

We did not get back until 4:00.  The missionaries were already there.  We finished the rice and pork and got everything on the table for sweet pork Barbacoa tacos.  We also had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  We had a good time visiting with them and Tiffany.

Tiffany cleaned up most of the dishes afterwards. We got to family home evening a little late.  Tiffany helped us set up.  We had a lesson on good, better, and best.  We had two games going, one of Phase 10, and one of SkipBo.  Elder Fanning had nine kids in the nursery.  We had strawberry shortcake for dessert, every bit got eaten.  We had four families that added up to 19 people.  We also had Coral, Adam, Tiffany, a YSA from the Ward named Astrid, the sister missionaries, and us.  There were 27 who came.  It was very successful.

We got home about 9:00.


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