Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

April 27, 2016


This morning Sister Fanning went visiting teaching with Candy.  Elder Fanning watched Candy’s children.  We went to see Delta and had a nice visit.

Sister Fanning is still struggling with her sinuses.  We relaxed for a few hours.

We had a chiropractor appointment for both of us.  We both had really good adjustments.  Elder Fanning really enjoyed the massage chair.

We relaxed for a few more hours after the chiropractor.

We had missionary correlation meeting at 6:30.  We had a good discussion with both the elders and sisters about their investigators and recent converts.

We picked up Cade on our way to the base.  Eliza called and asked for a blessing.  She is flying back to Idaho tomorrow and has been feeling sick and having back pain.  She is due to deliver her first baby on June 1.  She was concerned about traveling.  Cade is their home teacher and assisted in the blessing.  We miss seeing Eliza.  Joseph has also been hard to find since he is sometimes in the barracks and sometimes at his friend’s home.  Sister Fanning told Joseph that if he would come to Church and get his church life in order, he could give his wife a blessing.

We got home about 9:00.


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