Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

May 5, 2016


This morning Elder Fanning went to the men’s Bible study on the base.  We had a scheduling conflict with the Bible study and district meeting.  Elder Fanning wanted to go to Bible study since he could not make it next week.

He picked up Sister Fanning afterwards, and we went to Hanford for the end of district meeting and the mini zone meeting afterward.  We went to In and Out Burger for lunch.  We talked to someone from the Hanford 2nd Ward.  Four of the Selma missionaries also ate lunch there.

As soon as we got home, we got a call from our daughter about a house that she drove by that was just put up for rent.  It is in the Stake – on the corner of Pine and Franklin – and she wanted to know if we were interested.  We had her get the key from the property manager and check it out.  She took pictures, which she texted to us.  It is two bedrooms, one bathroom, with a family room.  It is all on one floor and remodeled for a disabled renter.  There is a walk-in shower, ramp into the house, and hand rails.  It will be perfect if Sister Fanning has to get her knee replaced.  It is all on one floor and has a swamp cooler.  The only drawback was that there was no second bathroom.  It has new paint and carpet and stainless steel appliances.

She went back to the property manager, called us and we asked questions.  We made arrangements to fill out the applications and pay the fees and deposits to hold the house.  She also took the house off the availability list to hold it for us.

Sister Fanning made some cookie dough in between all of the phone calls and texts.

We left for Coalinga at 4:00.  No one showed up for the meeting.  We left to come back to Lemoore.  We picked up Tiffany for meeting, and left for the Lemoore chapel.  Elder Fanning had to make a presentation on the Addiction Recovery Program at the Stake Bishop Training Meeting.  He dropped Sister Fanning and Tiffany off at the Lemoore chapel 45 minutes before the Addiction Recovery Meeting and headed for Hanford.

The Addiction Recovery Meeting was not very well attended.  The facilitator had another meeting to attend and no one else came.  It may have had something to do with the major thunderstorms that were rolling through the area, dropping tons of rain.  Elder Fanning got back about 15 minutes after the meeting was supposed to start.  We had a mini meeting with Tiffany and covered the Step on Confession. She is doing really well.  She said she finally told the Bishop everything last night.  She feels peace and knows that all of the issues that contributed to the addictions are out in the open.

We drove through lots of flooded streets to get home, but arrived safely at about 9:00.

Sister Fanning worked on the online applications for the rental for over an hour and could not get them to submit.  She was able to pay for the deposit and fees.  We printed off paper copies to fill out and email tomorrow.  She also baked the cookies.


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