Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

May 14, 2016


Sister Fanning was not feeling well this morning.  She is having more pain than usual.  She stayed in bed.

Elder Fanning went to the resiliency class alone.  No one showed up.  We had prior knowledge that one couple could not make it, but the other one texted Sister Fanning early this morning.  We did not look at her phone.  Penny was also not there.  We are hoping to complete the course with double lessons and make-up lessons for all five students.

Tiffany was struggling again.  It seems that after she attends the temple, the adversary starts working on her.  She really does not want to accept the blessing the Bishop gave her, and is not willing to pray about it and test it.  Elder Fanning had a discussion to try to get her to work things out in her mind.  She got really upset.  She called a friend from the base to pick her up.  She packed most of her things and left for her sister’s house on the base. We think she is done with us.

We had a baptism at 4:00 in Hanford.  Paul was baptized. He is married to Astra who is a member. She had not been to Church for a long time.  They lost their kids due to some drug use.  They decided that they needed to get God in their lives.  They found the missionaries and started being taught.  They love the Church, and he is excited about the gospel.  He is working towards clearing up his legal problems.  He got a job and was promoted within three weeks. They are working towards getting their kids back.  We are so pleased for them.  They come to our Addiction Recovery Group every week.  Astra is pregnant and due in October.  We gave her a baby gift after the baptism.

We came home for a short time to relax.  We had an appointment with George and Carmen.  We played with their kids for a little while after we got there.  We played a game of hand and foot.  Carmen and Sister Fanning teamed up and beat the boys.  We had a good time visiting and playing.

We got home about 10:30.


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