Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

May 17, 2016


This morning District Meeting was canceled.  We have a big conference on Friday, so they decided to cancel.

We taught Penny a resiliency lesson today.  It was about teaching our children to be spiritually self-reliant. We had a good lesson.

We left immediately afterwards to go to Yosemite National Park.  We stopped in Fresno for lunch at Chick Fil A and gas at Costco.  It is a three-hour drive to Yosemite.  We got to the south entrance about 5:30.  The man at the gate saw our lifetime pass, which requires ID.  However, he told us that since he saw our missionary tag, he knew that we were honest Christians.

The road to the giant Sequoias was closed.  They are renovating the grove, by taking out restrooms, roads, and parking lots that are endangering the trees, and relocating them.  We drove on to Glacier Point.  The road to Glacier Point is about a half hour drive from the main road.  We climbed to over 7,000 feet during our drive.  The point is on a cliff 3214 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor.  The view is spectacular. Sister Fanning decided she did not plan very well.  She did not have a sweater.  There was still snow on the ground and it was in the mid-50s.  She was pretty cold.

By the time we drove down the mountain to the lodge, it was just after 8 pm.  We found our room with some difficulty because there were several buildings spread out over a large area.  Once we got there, we decided we needed to find something to eat.  All of the places to eat were closed except the bars and the pizza deck.  Unfortunately, the pizza deck was in another area of the valley, the name had been changed, and it was very dark. We managed to find the place and ordered a pizza to go.  They had no take out boxes, so we carried it on a cardboard disc back to our hotel – about 5 miles away.  It was good but overpriced.  But we had very few choices.

While we were unpacking our CPAP machines, we found that one of Sister Fanning’s cords was not in the bag. So she slept without the machine for the night. We were very tired, and we got to bed about 11:00.

Half Dome



An strange idiot trying to kill himself. He was way beyond the safety signs.


Some views of upper and lower Yosemite Falls.






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