Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

May 21, 2016


This morning Sister Fanning woke up with a really upset stomach.  She took an anti-nausea pill and was able to get ready after about two hours.

Elder Fanning got the tires rotated and did the grocery shopping while Sister Fanning was resting.  Elder Fanning went to the resiliency class alone.  Sasha and Sabine were the only ones there.  The lesson went well.  We made an appointment to teach them the final two lessons next week.

We had a lunch appointment with Penny.  She fixed us chicken tacos.  Her mom was there visiting from Arizona, and we had a nice talk with her.  We were going to teach her a resiliency class, but she had to get the children ready for a photo shoot.  We made another appointment for next week.  She told us that the Stennis is in port in the Philippines and will be there for 10 days.

We came home to relax for a couple of hours.  We were supposed to get the key from the office couple after they finished moving the Gressel’s mission furniture in.  When we had not heard from them by 4:45, we drove over to the apartment.  They were just finishing up.  We did a walk-through of the apartment and locked it up.  We also got some boxes to pack up the mission items in our apartment.

We stopped at Save Mart to get a birthday card for one of the YSAs in the Ward.  She has been in both Institute classes and come to Addiction Recovery.  We have gotten pretty close to her.  Her mom told us she adores us and we have been a positive influence in her life. There was a surprise graduation/birthday party for her at the pavilion behind the Church.  We went to the party, had a hamburger, and visited with some of the members.  She submitted her mission papers about 6 weeks ago.  This last week she got a letter from Salt Lake telling her that she had been honorably excused from serving a full-time mission.  She has some emotional problems making it hard to serve a regular mission.  She will be serving a service mission at the Family History Library in Hanford.

We got home about 7:00.  We worked on packing, and paperwork.  Sister Fanning got a phone call from a counselor in the Relief Society.  They wanted to have a social for our farewell on Thursday night.  We could not make it because of Addiction Recovery groups.  So we settled for a linger longer after Church next Sunday to welcome the Gressel’s and say farewell to us.

Our valley tour tram.


Christine, our Ranger Tour Guide


Sentinel Falls



Ribbon Falls




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