Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

May 25, 2016


Sister Fanning spent the whole morning updating the visit list for the base.  She left notes on each family and information on whether they completed the resiliency class.  Stanley and Alberta will need the last three lessons taught.  The Gressels can do that.

We had an appointment to teach Penny a resiliency lesson.  However, she was having trouble with a new daycare child, and she postponed it until tomorrow.

We decided to take the Gressels to Superior Dairy for ice cream.  We also spent the time going over the visit list with them and talked about the families who were our priorities.

The Gressels went off on their own.  We had to stop for something at Staples, and drop off the Addiction Recovery Materials to our replacements in Hanford.

We got home in time for Sister Fanning to change into pants for the chiropractor.  We dropped off a baby gift on the way.  Elder Fanning took advantage of the massage chair while Sister Fanning got an adjustment.  It did not go as well as it should.  Elder Fanning got a good adjustment.  Dr. Dutra said he was glad to see us return home since he had seen Sister Fanning’s health deteriorate over the last nine months.

We came home for Sister Fanning to change into a skirt and left for the base.  We went to see Coral.  She is leaving in the morning for Utah.  She is unsure if she has a place to stay, so she is a little concerned.  She was staying with her daughter and her boyfriend, but they are fighting right now and are separated.

We also stopped to see a new bride whose father had called the Bishop.  She did not give us any indication that there was something wrong.  We let her know that the Gressels would come to see her and her husband soon.

We stopped to get some dinner at Taco Bell.  When we got home, Sister Fanning updated the apartment inspection paperwork.  We are spending a lot of time on phone calls and texts to get things taken care of before we leave.

We had missionary correlation meeting tonight.  We introduced the Gressels.  We had a good discussion about the missionary work.  The sisters were still in Fresno due to training, but we got everything covered.

We met with the couple who were called to replace us in Lemoore for Addiction Recovery.  They had not accepted the call yet because they wanted to talk to us first.  After talking to them, they decided to accept the call.  We found out that Sister Fanning worked with his sister at the ISU Museum.  It’s a small world.

They left about 8:30.  We did some packing and paperwork before we went to bed.

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