Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

May 29, 2016


This morning we went to Church at 9:00 since there was no Ward Council.  The Gressels spoke in Sacrament Meeting.

We wanted to give a challenge coin to the Williamsons.  He is young men’s president, and she is young women’s president.  They always helped us with babysitting for the resiliency class.  We forgot to bring them, so Sister Fanning ran home to get one.  We forgot that Elder Fanning had already taken her apartment key. She could not get in to the apartment.  So Elder Fanning went to get one during Priesthood Meeting.

We had a huge gospel principles class.  We had several investigators and recent converts.  We had a good lesson.  The new Ward Mission Leader is a former stake president, and he is an excellent teacher.

Nothing unusual or exceptional that happened in Relief Society and Priesthood.

The Ward had a linger-longer to welcome the Gressels and say goodbye to us.  Delta made a really cute cake using edible ink.  They set up a table where people could write us messages and the kids could draw pictures.  We were able to visit with many of the Ward members.  We took lots of pictures and cried a little bit.  We stayed until almost 1:30.

We spent the rest of the day finishing the packing.  We thought we could get it all done.  Plans changed, due to visitors.

First, the Ward Mission Leader and his wife, a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency, came to say goodbye.  They wanted us to sign their missionary book.  They keep a book with all of the missionaries who have served in Lemoore.  We had a nice chat with them.

The facilitator for our Lemoore Addiction Recovery Group came to see us with his wife.  They brought cookies.  We had never met her before.  We had a nice chat with them.

Then the other counselor in the Relief Society Presidency came.  She brought all of the pictures and notes that people had written to us.  She had mounted them all in a book.  It was so nice.  We had a nice chat with her.  We will miss all of the good people in Lemoore.

We did some additional packing and got to bed pretty late.  We still were not able to get everything finished.

The Cake


Some of the people we will miss.





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