Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

June 1, 2016


We left Nampa about 11:00.  We spent some time with the grandkids.  Our new little grandbaby is a mama’s boy.  He was not very happy for us to hold him.  We need to stay longer so we can get to know him.  Sister Fanning was really feeling the trip.  She was not used to driving, so her arms, neck and, shoulders were hurting.  She was also very tired and achy all over.  She will be glad to get to the rheumatologist in a couple of weeks to see what is going on.

We drove to Burley and stopped to eat at Burger King.  We also got some gas.

We met our daughter and grandkids at the new house about 3:00.  April left the kids, but had to get back to work.  They started unpacking the truck.  They got everything out that could be removed except the large things. Elder Fanning started calling around to see if he could find anyone home to help.  Sister Fanning went to the cable TV office to get our internet and cable TV set up.  Since it is a busy season, we have to wait until next Tuesday for them to hook it up.

Elder Fanning called the Loveland’s to get the missionaries’ phone number.  It was not a correct number.  The Lovelands showed up a short time later.  He called our former bishop’s wife to see when he got home from work.  Shortly after that, the Buckley’s showed up.  Then our son-in-law showed up.  We were able to get the rest of the truck unloaded and the bed set up.  We made the bed and did some minor unpacking.

We went to dinner at Café Rio.  Sister Fanning was struggling with her cytomegalovirus that had attacked her mouth.  She was having problems eating.  She had taken a round of her regular anti-viral, but they had only suppressed the virus temporarily. We also went to Winco to buy some groceries.  We got home and realized that we had bought a frozen pizza, but had not unpacked a pizza cutter or pizza pan.  We also had ice cream, but no ice cream scoop and nothing to eat it with except plastic spoons.  We are not sure where everything is packed.

We were exhausted.  We did a little bit of unpacking and then went to bed.

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