Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

June 5, 2016


We went to Stake Conference this morning.  We saw more people that we had not seen for a long time.  We feel bad that we are not going back to the same Ward with all the people who were in the Ward when we left.  We will just have to get used to the new Ward boundaries that split our Ward in thirds.

The conference session was really good.  We had good speakers, and Elder Bowen spoke on the Book of Mormon.

We met with the Stake President to be released.  He agreed that we would attend the 7th Ward where our grandchildren go.  That way we can get them to Church as much as possible.  He also asked us to speak in both the 5th and 7th Wards. We talked to him about our mission for about an hour.  He also released us.  We removed our name tags for good.  Until next time.

Elder Fanning called the Bishops of both Wards. We will be speaking in the 5th Ward on August 14th.  We will be speaking in the 7th Ward on July 31st.   We have plenty of time to prepare our talks and get settled before our homecoming talks.

Sister Fanning made stir fry and microwaved rice for dinner.  We still have not found our eating utensils.  Maybe in a week or two.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Sister Fanning took a nap.  We had a nice Sabbath.

This is our last blog for our California Fresno Mission since we were released today.  We look forward to starting up the blog for the next one.  Perhaps we will be unpacked by then.

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