Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 7, 2017


For us, preparing to serve a mission is more than spiritual preparation.  We have to vacate a rental property and put all of our earthly belongings in storage.  We rented a small house after we returned from the California Fresno Mission last June. It is about ¼ mile from our house, where our daughter lives with her family.  It was easier for us to rent someplace for the year between missions than to move our daughter in and out, before and after each mission.

Today was our final day to pack and get everything ready for the crew to come tomorrow to move everything to storage.  We moved into a hotel on Wednesday to facilitate laundry and cleaning.  We thought almost everything was done, but today, we found many small and large things that still needed packing, cleaning, organizing, and moving.

For anyone who does not know, Elder Fanning had a second stroke on May 9th that was not diagnosed by the hospital.  After additional symptoms appeared, and a second trip to the hospital on June 3rd, we found out that he had a stroke on May 9th that did permanent damage to his brain.  As a result, he lost the vision in the left half of both eyes, and his short- and long-term memory have been affected.  Some of his vision has returned, but not enough to drive safely.  Interestingly enough, one of the results of the vision loss is not being able to recognize faces. However, he was cleared by the ophthalmologist and cardiologist to serve a mission.  He received a blessing from Elder Brent Alder, an Area Authority Seventy who visited our Stake Conference, and was told that his health would be sufficient to complete the mission.

After spending the day and evening at the house, we went to the Stake offices to be set apart.  We took our 10-year-old grandson, Quinn.  After Sister Fanning was set apart, he said, “That was long.”   The Stake President told Elder Fanning in his blessing that he would have good enough health to complete our mission. We are thankful for the support that President Doug Alley has given us.

We returned to the house to finish final preparations, and got back to the hotel around midnight, tired but satisfied that we had done almost everything that needed to be done before the crew comes in the morning.

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One thought on “July 7, 2017

  1. Joy Guscott on said:

    Lovely to hear you are about to start another adventure. Will be praying for you both. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Xx

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