Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 11, 2017


This morning we were up at 5:30 am.  We were given an assignment at the end of training yesterday.  We were to get to know another assigned senior couple.  We arranged at breakfast to meet them at lunch.

Last night we drove to the BYU Bookstore during dinner time to buy an I-Pad.  We were told that we needed an Apple product to be able to prepare the reports in the mission field.  We had the tech service at the bookstore set it up.  However, not being Apple users, we continued to have some problems downloading software and running the I-Pad.  So Elder Fanning made a couple of trips to the IT Services for the MTC.  He finally got it up and running.

The first thing we did this morning in training was to meet our teachers.  We have these young returned missionaries who are excellent gospel teachers provide our Preach My Gospel training.  We have a different teacher in the morning and afternoon.  Sister Nelson, our morning teacher, went on a mission to Montana.  She is so upbeat and positive and always has a smile on her face.  One of the Elders asked her if she ever had a bad day.  She thought for a moment and then said that she didn’t think so.  She has been married for six months and is smitten.  She told us that she won the lottery where her husband was concerned.  Our afternoon teacher is Brother Echo Hawk.  He went on a mission to Argentina and has been home for six months.  He is from Pocatello, and is Larry Echo Hawk’s grandson.

We started our training with the district and discussed the following topics:  How to Begin Teaching; Identifying Needs and Meeting Needs with Doctrine; and Invitations.

We had lunch with our assigned couple – Elder and Sister Donovan.  They lived in Portland Oregon for the last two years, and before that, just outside of San Diego.  They will serve a Humanitarian Mission in the Georgia Tbilisi Mission.  We arranged to meet for dinner.

We finished the afternoon training with a large group meeting on The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion.  One of the young teachers led the discussion, and it was wonderful.

We then had missionary group pictures taken of the senior missionaries.  There are 107 so it took four pictures.

We had a quick dinner with the Donovan’s.  We went to the large auditorium for choir practice.  The choir has hundreds of missionaries.  There are two one-hour practices before the song is performed at the devotional on Sunday.  We practiced Where Can I Turn for Peace and Day to Day. Day to Day is from the Swedish hymn book and was requested for the closing song by the devotional speaker.  The choir learned it so the congregation could follow along with only the words.

After choir practice, we stayed in our seats for the devotional.  The speakers were Emeritus General Authority Elder Bruce C. Hafen and his wife, Marie.  We finished about 8 pm and walked back to our room on the other side of the MTC.  We were again very tired and went straight to bed.

Below are the details of the assignment we got yesterday.

Our District and Teachers from left to right:  Brother Echo Hawk, Elder and Sister Fanning, Elder and Sister Blocker, Elder and Sister Ethington, Elder and Sister Croft, Sister Nelson.

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