Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 13, 2017


We had a 5:30 am wake up today.  We always seem to have some prep for training before we go to breakfast.

This week we were able to visit the new training buildings for the young missionaries. They are beautiful.  On every floor of one of the buildings there are floor to ceiling murals that are backlit.  They are amazing.  They will be doing public tours starting next week.

We had more technology training this morning.  They want to make sure the senior missionaries know how to effectively use smart phones and tablets.  We practiced using the technology in lesson preparation and missionary work.  We sent videos out via text and posted to Facebook.

We did the follow-up with our assigned couple and taught them another 15 minute lesson.  We expanded on the lesson yesterday and taught about hope.  We had a very good experience.  We became friends with the Donovan’s.

We next discussed working with Ward and Stake leaders.  We also did some case studies and discussed solutions to problems and challenges.

Elder Fanning went to the evening training for Military Relations.  Sister Fanning stayed in our room and rested.

We went to bed as soon as Elder Fanning returned from the training.

Picture in front of a backlit quote in one of the new training buildings.


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