Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 14, 2017


Today was another early day.  We started with an experience teaching a member of the church.  The members are volunteers who come to the MTC to give the senior missionaries practice.  We had 15 minutes to get to know Brother Benson.  He told us about his family and work experience.  His wife died five years ago.  He then left the room, and we had 10 minutes to prepare to teach a 20-minute lesson. We felt inspired to teach him the same lesson that we had taught the Donovan’s because he also had a daughter who was less active.  We had a really good experience teaching him and could really feel the Spirit.  We were glad that we taught him the lesson that we did.  We noticed that he kept a notebook of all of the lessons in which he participated.  He was determined to learn from each of his experiences.

We spent some time after that discussing our teaching experience with the District.  We spent some time talking about Chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel on How to Find People to Teach.

After lunch, we went back to the new training buildings to meet as a large group.  We started with a presentation by Elder and Sister Hawkes who are serving their 10th mission.  They started early serving a mission as a young family at a Church school in Samoa.  They had two children when they went on their mission, but returned home with four children after 8 years in Samoa.  It was fun to learn about things they did on their missions.

We also had a large group meeting on Enduring to the End.  We all felt that we had endured a very long and tiring week. We finished earlier than usual, about 3:30.

Sister Fanning could not keep her eyes open, so she lay down for a nap about 5:30.  She woke up at 8:30 and thought she had slept straight through until morning.  She was so tired that she was able to go right back to sleep.


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