Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 15, 2017


Sister Fanning did not feel well this morning so she slept late.  She slept 15 hours last night. We did our laundry as soon as we were up and dressed, which was late morning.  The laundromat at the MTC is free; you only have to provide your own detergent and supplies.  We took over 2 hours because the washer for the socks did not spin out very well, and the clothes were very wet.  We took everything back to the room and hung up the clothes.

We left the MTC to have lunch with Cindy.  She was the mother of a sailor in Lemoore and a convert to the Church. She moved to Provo about the time we came home from our mission. We had a nice visit with her.  She told us that her daughter is coming home from deployment to the Middle East and will be stationed in the Seattle area.  Cindy will move to Seattle after her daughter returns to help take care of her grandkids.

We stopped at the store for a couple of things.  We bought some water bottles that we thought would work well.

We spent some time tidying our room.  Sister Fanning did some computer work and wrote some blogs.  We again went to bed early.

Cindy’s grandson took the picture so it was a little blurry.


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