Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 16, 2017


We had a very unusual Sunday.  Breakfast was only cold cereal served in paper bowls with plastic spoons.  There was a minimum of preparation and cleanup on the Sabbath.

Sacrament meeting started at 8:30 and lasted for an hour.  We met with the International Branch.  We were to sit in the back, and stay quiet.  The young elders and sisters were told earlier in the week to prepare two talks on separate topics.  Then two are chosen through inspiration to give a talk, one on each subject. A member of the Branch Presidency and his wife were also speakers.  After Sacrament Meeting, the senior elders and sisters split into Relief Society and Priesthood groups for a discussion on tender mercies.  The young elders and sisters went back to their districts for Relief Society and Priesthood.

We went back to our room to rest for a short time before lunch.  After lunch, we went back to our room and napped.

Dinner was at 4:30.  We went to choir practice at 5:15 to practice the new song for the Tuesday devotional.  After choir practice, we moved from the bleachers to the floor so we could have more comfortable seats. President and Sister Martino (MTC President) were the speakers.  Both are converts, and they told of their conversions.  They then told us about their lives and how many people were in the Church because the missionaries found and converted them.  It was interesting how many people were influenced by their baptism.

We got back to our room about 8:30.  We went to bed early.


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