Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 26, 2017


This morning we made the trip to the Naval Fleet Center to the Commissary and Exchange.  We found out that the Exchange is three buildings, one for the home and furniture items, one for clothing, and one for the food court and other services.  We walked way more that we needed to.  We also found out that there is a Five Guys Burgers and Cold Stone Creamery in the food court beside the normal fast food places.

The Commissary is huge and has an amazing selection.  It is much bigger than the Big Winco stores back home in Idaho.  We picked up what we thought we most of the staples that we would need and a couple of items to cook.  We still don’t have the kitchen unpacked, so we are taking the cooking part of it slowly.

We put all of the shopping items away when we got home.  We continued to try to organize and unpack.  The apartment is a lot smaller than we expected and it is hard trying to get everything to fit.  Sister Fanning has been taking naps, so she gives Elder Fanning some tasks to perform, and when she wakes up he has completed them.

The cable TV technician came today, so getting the living room sorted out was important for today. We have too much furniture, but it is okay for right now.

Sister Fanning ordered some slippers with good arch support to wear at home to help the plantar fasciitis.  She also ordered a new purse.  Her old one was pretty beat up.

It was another night when we went to bed early.


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