Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

July 27, 2017


Today we found a Costco just over a mile from where we live.  We got some gas and then headed north.

We went back to the Mission Office for some lamps, a toaster, and a blender.  They were supposed to be in the apartment, but they were missing. We had a short visit with the office staff.

We came back to unpack some more.  We have the office/spare bedroom desks set up. However, there are not enough shelves to hold all of our books, office supplies, and teaching supplies.  We ordered a couple of shelf units to go on the back of the desks to help organize things.

Elder Fanning could not get the printer to work with his computer.  We have tons of cords and cables, but no USB printer cable.  We plugged Staples into our navigation system in the car and drove all over Chula Vista and found two Staples that had closed down.  We went to the Walmart that is near the Costco and did a little bit of grocery shopping besides picking up the printer cable.  He was successful in connecting the printer to his computer.  Sister Fanning’s computer was able to connect without any problems.

We found out that the cable TV package that we got does not allow for recording programs.  We have never heard of cable that charges extra for recording programs.  We record most everything we watch because we are so busy and need to watch it at our convenience. We are having a lot of trouble getting in touch with the representative and are getting frustrated.  The service is terrible. If something does not happen soon, we are considering changing from Cox Cable to anyone else.

We did some more unpacking.  The kitchen still is not set up for cooking.  We are reheating Chinese food every day and eating toast and cold cereal.

We went to bed early again.

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