Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 1, 2017


This morning we had an appointment with Chaplain Dawson at the Base Chapel at the Navy Fleet Center.  He was very welcoming and supportive of the LDS faith.  The meeting was “crashed” by the Command Chaplain Hoffman so he could meet us.  We talked about the Resiliency Course for military families.  We also let them know we wanted to make sure there were LDS Group Leaders on all the ships that were assigned to San Diego.  We told them that we were not sure where to start.  Chaplain Hoffman told us to make an appointment with him and he would show us how to get it done.

We also found out that there was an LDS meeting scheduled at the base chapel every Sunday at 1 pm.  Most of the time there is no one in authority there to conduct the meeting. Their staff tries to help, but that is not what these sailors come for.  We had been told that no one came; but the chaplains told us most weeks there are often one or two sailors from the ships who come to find the meetings.

The decision was made to send out messages to all ships in port and at sea and to other units that there will be a ride to the Harbor Ward if sailors meet at 12:30 on Sunday.  Otherwise, we will preside over the Sacrament Meeting at the Chapel.  The rides will start happening September 1, after there has been time to get the word out to the ships.  We may ask some of the other Military Relations Couples to help us with the meeting.

We left with the commitment of Chaplain Dawson to send us a summary of the meeting via email along with Chaplain Hoffman’s email address so we can schedule a follow-up appointment with him.

We went north from the Navy Fleet Center to the Navy Medical Center San Diego to see if we could get assigned to a Home Port for medical care.  The place is huge with several large buildings.  After walking for quite a while, we found someone who could direct us to Medical Benefits.  We found out that the program for medical care for seniors is full, and we will have to get our medical care out in the community.  We spent over an hour finding this out.  We can still get prescriptions from the Navy pharmacies.

We drove back to the Commissary and Exchange at the Navy Fleet Center.  We got lunch at Five Guys.  We picked up a few things from the Commissary and went home.

Sister Fanning spent the afternoon looking for a primary care specialist in Chula Vista.  She looked online and got names of those with high scores on their patient reviews.  We will call and see if they are taking new patients.  Elder Fanning decided to see how it was to try to lug just one load of laundry at a time to the laundry room.  He is not sure he likes that either.

We met with the Bishop of the Harbor Ward tonight. He had his counselors come into the meeting. Neither Bishop Hicken nor his counselors were aware that they had as many ships as they did within the Ward boundaries.  We counted 47 on the CDOL page, but Chaplain Hoffman said there are 57.  The Bishop was also unaware of the LDS meeting at the Base Chapel that falls within the purview of his Ward.  We told him what we had discussed with the chaplains and he was in favor of the decisions.  He also gave us permission to preside over Sacrament Meeting on the Base. We also talked about the Resiliency program.  They were also in favor of that.  We had a very productive meeting and feel we are on the right course.  The meeting lasted over an hour.  We got home late.


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