Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 3, 2017


This morning we began our day with three missionary apartment inspections.  We were given a list of eight apartments with addresses.  Elder Fanning started at the top of the list and started making appointments.  We were unaware how scattered the apartments were.  Our first two were pretty close together in Chula Vista.  The other one was in Imperial Beach.  It was about a 15 minute drive.  It worked out okay, even though we were late for the last appointment. Elder Fanning gave the same instructions as yesterday.  We have some good missionaries in this area.  Their apartments are mostly clean.

We stopped at the Costco on the other side of Chula Vista to see if Direst TV had any offers going.  This month if you sign up for Direct TV with Internet you get $350 in cash cards from Costco.  They also had a really good price for a TV/Internet combo.  We signed up and will take the boxes back to Cox Cable after Direct TV is installed.

We met Elder and Sister Wiggin for lunch at China China restaurant.  It is really close to our apartment and serves both Japanese and Chinese food.  The lunch was really good.  The conversation was even better.  Both couples committed to help each other.  They are struggling to get the Resiliency classes implemented because they do not have Priesthood leaders who see the need.  If the leaders really understood the program, they would be knocking down doors to get the course taught in their Wards.  The Wiggins are having better luck with the military chaplains.  They have a venue to teach on the base.  They just need to get the couples to come to the class.  We talked about asking the Mission President to form the Military Relations couples into a District so we can have some coordination in callings.  Apparently, one of the couples is very protective of their area.  It would be nice to be able to work together to get more done.

It was about 3:00 by the time we finished talking and eating. We left with some very good cookies that Elder Wiggin had baked.

We spent some time working in the apartment, and Sister Fanning took a nap.

We had an appointment with the whole Chula Vista Stake Presidency tonight.  We told them what we had been doing so far.  They gave us a list of the ships that they knew had group leaders on them.  There were eight ships.  Their priority for us is to identify ships that need group leaders and assist in getting the names to the Harbor Ward Bishop for approval and to the Stake for calling and setting apart.  With the help of Chaplain Hoffman, we should be able to be a great help with that priority.  We left with the Stake Clerk getting our name and number and telling us he would be calling regularly for our help.  One of the problems is funding for the group leaders.  The budget cannot include supplies for the ships if they are not aware of how many ships there are.  They get requests for supplies and have no budget to cover them.

When we got home, we spent some time making a spreadsheet for the ships that the Stake has listed.  Sister Fanning was able to identify the type of ship and the number of crew on each of the ships.  We will do the same for the rest of the ships assigned to the Harbor Ward.

We got to bed later than we expected.

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