Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 5, 2017


Today was our preparation day.  Elder Fanning got up early and did a load of laundry.  We have discovered it’s easier to do one load at a time.

We called our grand-daughters in San Antonio, and wished them a happy birthday.

Sister Fanning prepared lists for the groceries and other items we planned to purchase today.  We were supposed to see AT&T for installation of the Internet this morning, but no one showed up.  We made a call and they rescheduled for Monday.  However, just as we were ready to walk out the door, the technician called to say he was here.

Sister Fanning went to Costco alone while Elder Fanning stayed with the technician.  We got gasoline at the Costco closest to us a couple of days ago, and found that the traffic and parking were horrendous.  But Saturday about noon was perfect.  She got a parking place right next to the door, had a short wait in line, and no line leaving the store.  The day and time you go shopping down here really matters. When she got home, the technician was still there, so she waited with Elder Fanning until everything was hooked up.

We drove to the Naval Fleet Center to go to the Commissary and Exchange.  Again, we expected a huge crowd for a payday Saturday.  Although there were lots of carts and people in the stores, there was no line at the check stands.  Sister Fanning was feeling a little lightheaded, so we stopped at the food court for some Panda Express.

We put the groceries away when we got home.  Sister Fanning was not feeling well, so she laid down to rest.  She fell asleep, and woke with a sick stomach.  She took some meds and felt better quickly.

We got a call last Monday, from a mother who told us that her son, Shane, was flying in to the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base for BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal) Training.  He is a less active returned missionary.  She wanted us to try to contact him.  She also gave us the name of another returned missionary in the same group.  His name is Gabe.  Gabe called us today about a ride to Church tomorrow.  He said there are five LDS members in his group, but only two would be coming to Church.  We told him that someone would pick them up at the base chapel on Coronado at 12:30.

The Chula Vista 1st Ward and the Harbor Ward sponsored a Multi-Cultural Social at the chapel tonight.  There was Samoan, Swiss, Italian, Lao, Brazilian, Thai, Filipino, Middle Eastern, African, Native American and various other foods to try. There were tables around three sides of the cultural hall, plus food at the kitchen pass-through window.  Sister Fanning was not feeling well enough to eat, but Elder Fanning had a plate of food.  There was a talent show afterwards.  There was a saxophonist, trombone player, Middle Eastern Dancer, Filipino dancer, Filipino choir, hula dancer, story teller, Laotian choir, and Brazilian dancer.  It was really fun to see all of the talents and the countries that everyone came from.  The Ward is truly a melting pot of cultures.

Sister Fanning talked to one of the Harbor Ward Bishopric Counselors to ask him if a member could pick up the two sailors from Coronado for Church tomorrow.  Brother Ickes said he would call one of the LDS families who live on the base to give them a ride.

We got home about 8:30.  We went to bed on time.

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