Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 8, 2017


This morning we did some unpacking and organizing.  It is more work than we realized with the small amount that we brought.  The problem is not enough room to put things and just figuring out where to put things.  Due to lack of storage in the kitchen, we put kitchen items in a bedroom closet and the linen closet.  Sister Fanning just needs to remember where the small appliances are kept.

We met Elder and Sister Wiggin at the Naval Fleet Center chapel for a meeting with Chaplain Hoffman.  However, his office was not at the chapel complex, it was across the street.  We had a very nice sailor walk us over to the Chaplain’s office.

We had a very productive meeting.  We talked about the resiliency course and received a lot of help for the Wiggins from Chaplain Hoffman.  Elder and Sister Wiggin have arranged to teach a resiliency course at the Murphy Canyon Chapel. They just need to find participants.  Chaplain Hoffman said he would send an announcement out when he send his regular communications with the ships.  We can work with the Wards and the leadership to get the word out that way.  Murphy Canyon is a long way from our area, so we will probably do our own course closer to Chula Vista. The Wiggins want to have us help them with the class they are setting up.  We will probably have to take over teaching it since they are going home in about 9 weeks.  Chaplain Hoffman also told us he would help us with the ships and LDS Group Leaders.  He will find out the contact information from Surface Fleet Headquarters for the chaplains on each ship (that has a chaplain) and if they know of LDS members on board the ships.  It will be very helpful to have that information given to us.

We went the pharmacy at the Naval Fleet Center.  Sister Fanning was able to pick up the prescription that she dropped off yesterday. It took about 10 minutes.  It matters what day and time you go to the pharmacy.  We had lunch at Five Guys at the food court.  For the second day in a row, a member has walked up and started talking to us.

We went to the commissary to pick up the ingredients for an ice cream cake.  We have a dinner appointment tomorrow.  Sister Fanning is bringing dessert.

We came back home to put the ice cream in the freezer.  We left for the Westfield Mall in Bonita.  There are some things we have been putting off because we always run out of time, or we are too tired.  We stopped at the Verizon store because Sister Fanning’s tablet will not charge.  It has had the problem before, and we sent it to Verizon.  They sent it back and said they could not duplicate the problem.  After we got it back in February, it charged okay.  It has been getting more and more temperamental over the last few weeks until it won’t charge at all.  The store manager waited on us and was a great customer service person.  The tablet was an expensive no-name tablet.  He upgraded the tablet to a Samsung tablet for free.  We did have to buy the cover, but the screen protector was also free.

We went to a watch repair store to get a new battery for Sister Fanning’s watch.  We had to wait about 30 minutes, so we wandered down to Men’s Warehouse to see if they had a good price for white shirts.  They were pretty expensive, even with the “buy one, get one for 50% off” offer. We did find some stainless steel collar stays for Elder Fanning.  We stopped for some frozen yogurt.  By that time, we were able to pick up the watch.

When we got home, Sister Fanning’s foot was really sore from all the walking and standing.  We relaxed for the rest of the night.

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