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September 16, 2017


Sister Fanning is still not feeling really well.  We went to Costco, the exchange, and the commissary.

We spent some time doing computer work, lists, and maps.  We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

We had a satellite conference for southern California on religious freedom.  Elder Christofferson, two members of the Seventy, and the General Counsel for the Church were the speakers.  Two members of the Church who were lawyers gave a presentation on what we can do to fight for religious freedom.  It was very interesting.  The Church has done this in other areas.  It seems the times are coming that we have to stand up for what we believe.

We got home about 8:00.  We relaxed for a little bit, and then went to bed on time.


September 15, 2017


This morning we did not go to the USO.  Sister Fanning was not feeling well.  She went back to bed and slept for several hours.

We left about 2:00 to pick up Melanie to come get her cats. She was able to get them to come to her and we took Melanie, Sasha, and Cupcake back home.

We went to see a military couple tonight.  He is getting out of the Navy in October.  He was the lay leader on his ship.  They are staying with her parents who live in the San Diego area until he finds work.  We will not need to visit them again.

We relaxed for the evening. We went to bed early.

September 14, 2017


This morning we started with our volunteer opportunity at the USO.  We inventoried the bread and bakery items and set them up on tables.  There were no non-food donations today.  Elder Fanning worked the rest of the time at the front desk.  Sister Fanning inventoried USO t-shirts.  She folded and sorted over 220 shirts by size.  It took her about 2 hours.

We came home and had a late lunch, hamburgers and baked potatoes.  We spent some time working on maps, lists, and other computer items.

Melanie brought her cats over about 4:30.  They were very skittish and immediately hid under furniture.

We left about 5:15 for a meeting of the San Diego Military Relations Coordinating Council.  It covers the stakes in the San Diego Mission.  We had a presentation by a Ward Military Liaison on the responsibilities of her calling.  She had a “job description” written out.  It was very informative.  If all Wards in this area had someone in this calling in the Wards with military members, the Military Relations missionaries would be able to visit and teach instead of spending so much time finding. We also had a presentation by Elder and Sister Nelson on the resiliency course.  They asked for our input in the presentation since we have taught the course before.  By that time, the meeting had lasted over an hour and a half.  The time went fast because of the information that we had been given.  We also discussed the feasibility of having a fireside for military members where a general authority would speak.  There were several options that will be pursued by the leaders of the Council. Unfortunately, the meeting was poorly attended with one bishop, one high council representative, and one Ward liaison.  There were five Military Relations missionaries and the two priesthood brethren in charge of the Council.  It was a little disheartening.  So much could be accomplished if more priesthood were in attendance.

As we were leaving, we got a text from Melanie.  Her car was giving her problems, and she did not feel comfortable driving to our apartment to pick up the cats.  We told her we would get them and bring them home.  However, when we returned home, we were unable to locate and catch them.  We texted her and told her we would pick her up tomorrow and she could come get them, since they would respond to her.

We got to bed late.

September 13, 2017


This morning we started missionary apartment inspections in Chula Vista at 8:30.  They all did quite well, and all were happy to get cookies.

We came home and Elder Fanning changed clothes.  Elder Fanning had an echocardiogram this morning at 11:30.  We drove into San Diego to Dr. Young’s office.  We did not have to wait very long.  The doctor also wanted to have his defibrillator read.  We waited for quite some time for that because they machine in the doctor’s office kept shutting down.  The technician from the company had one in his car, so we used that one.  He was also training one of the nurses, so we learned a lot about the device.  It appears that he has one to one and a half years left on the battery.  At that time, he will need it replaced.  It did not show that he had any incidents and the reading went well.

We stopped at Habit Burger for lunch because we had a coupon for a free burger.  We really like Habit Burger.

When we got home, Sister Fanning changed clothes very quickly because she was late for the chiropractor.  The doctor did some things differently because of the pain in her hip and knee.  He thinks it is sciatica, but Sister Fanning is not so sure.  She felt pretty worked over by the time the adjustment was over.  He did some traction and adjusted her hips, back, and neck.

We relaxed for several hours so Sister Fanning could recover.  Then we drove into San Diego to see the Stake President of the San Diego Stake.  We spent almost an hour with him and discussed some of the military families in the Stake, the resiliency program, and some of the things we do.  It was a very positive meeting.

We got home about 9:30.  We got to bed late.

September 12, 2017


This morning we left for the USO at 9:30.  We inventoried the items for the Community Chest and put them in the Community Chest room.  We got some interesting items, among them a patio sun shade, insulated lunch boxes, and beach umbrellas.  We also inventoried the bakery items and put them on several tables.  We also set up the tables for the dinner tonight – took the chairs down, put out place mats and utensils, and rolled more napkins and plastic silverware.

We came home for lunch – leftovers and fried egg sandwiches.  Sister Fanning saw a posting on Facebook that said fried egg sandwiches became popular during the depression as a way to have a meatless meal.

Sister Fanning took a nap.

Sister Fanning made 6 dozen aloha cookies this afternoon and evening.  The cookie dough was not as stiff as it should have been, probably because of the heat and humidity.  The cookies came out very thin.  Only the first batch was like it should have been.  They tasted okay.

We got to bed late.

September 11, 2017


This morning we worked on maps and Ward lists.

We picked Melanie up for lunch.  We went to one of her favorite restaurants, one specializing in El Salvadoran food.  It was very spicy but good.  Melanie got married in January while she was still in high school.  Her husband left right after the wedding for the Navy while she stayed back in Missouri to finish high school.  She joined him in San Diego in June.  He was deployed in July and is scheduled to be back in October.  She has two cats, Sasha and Cupcake, to help with the loneliness.  She asked us if we could have her cats come to our apartment while she bug bombed her apartment.  Her cats had picked up fleas and now her apartment is infested.  We agreed to help on Thursday.  She was also interested in the resiliency course.  She plans to attend the class that Elder and Sister Wiggin are facilitating on Thursday nights at Murphy Canyon.

We went to see Kacey.  We called her to see if it was a good time to visit. Her phone went straight to voicemail, so we texted her with the same question.  We got no answer, so we decided to stop by and see if anyone answered the door.  Her daughter answered the door, and we heard an adult voice in the house asking who was at the door.  We found out that Kacey was napping, and her mother was there helping with her pregnancy problems.  We had a nice visit with her mother.  The phone rang, and it was Kacey telling us that she had been napping and was sorry that she missed our call.  Elder Fanning told her that was okay since we were sitting in her living room.  She came out and we talked with her while her mother took her oldest daughter to martial arts class.  She gave us a lot of information on the military members and two Facebook pages for the military families in the Ward.  We offered our assistance while her husband was gone, since her mother would be leaving in a couple of days.

When we got home, we spent some more time on computer work, maps, and lists.  We relaxed for a while in the evening.  We got to bed on time.  Sister Fanning has not been sleeping well because her hip and knee have been painful.  She will see the chiropractor on Wednesday and talk to him about the problem.

September 10, 2017


We started this morning going to Church in the San Diego 8th Ward.  We met with the Bishop after Sacrament meeting.  He told us that his second counselor, Louis, was in the military and could tell us all about the military members of the Ward. The Bishop took us to meet Louis, and we spent about a half hour talking with him.  We left to go to our car, and the Bishop caught up with us in the parking lot.  He told us that Louis’ wife, Kacey, was pregnant and having some problems.  They have three little kids.  The Bishop asked up to go see her.  Louis didn’t tell us about her problems, which did not surprise the Bishop.  Apparently Louis is a pretty private person.  But since he will be gone for about 10 days on a military assignment, we will stop and see Kacey tomorrow.

We went to the Naval Fleet Center for the LDS meeting.  We had a young man show up about 12:50.  He is from Virginia and is in San Diego for water rescue training.  This is his last Sunday here.  His wife flew to Las Vegas last week for the holiday weekend, and he rented a car and drove up to meet her. He saw the marquee at the chapel advertising our meeting.  We did not have enough time to drive to the Harbor Ward so we had a short Sacrament meeting.  Elder Fanning blessed and passed the Sacrament, and Sister Fanning gave a talk on tender mercies.

We decided to leave after that for the Harbor Ward so he could go to Sunday School and Priesthood meeting.  When we arrived, we were asked to take the BUD/S trainees back to the base right away.  We left for the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base.  It took about an hour to get there and back.  When we got back to the Harbor Ward, we gave Chris and Susan’s information to the Ward Clerk to update their records.  We also had an updated list of military to give to the Bishop.  After the block was over, we drove the young man in water rescue training back to the Naval Fleet Center.

We got home about 5:00.  We had leftover lasagna for dinner.

We had an appointment with Jeff and Tabitha at 7:00.  He just broke his leg during PT.  She is eight months pregnant, but thinks she will deliver early.  They live on the third floor of an apartment complex.  The climb up the stairs is taxing.  Luckily, his mother was able to come and help out immediately.  Jeff and Tabitha are not very active, but he had a blessing from the Elders Quorum.  He is scheduled for surgery this week.  They asked us to help by taking a couple of bags of baby things that had been given to them.  They were extras that they did not need, and we were happy to give them to another of the Military Relations couples to take to the Navy Thrift Shop where they volunteer.

We got home about 8:30.  We got to bed on time after relaxing for a while.

September 9, 2017


Sister Fanning had a really bad time sleeping last night.  She slept late and was in a lot of pain when she woke up.  After a couple of hours, she had such a bad headache that she went back to sleep.

When she got up we had leftovers for lunch.

We did some computer work.  We caught up on blogs.  She got the visit list done for the Harbor Ward with its accompanying five housing area maps.  Elder Fanning made some appointments with people that some Bishops asked us to see. We also spent some time relaxing and watching an old Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window.

We got to bed on time.

September 8, 2017


We started at 8:30 this morning with missionary apartment inspections in Imperial Beach and San Ysidro.  The missionaries liked the cookies, but the apartments all needed work.  We also checked to see if any of them had 72-hour kits.  None of them had kits.

We drove straight to the USO.  The person who usually manned the front desk was not there.  Because of the Community Chest, there were people standing in line out the door.  We were asked to sit at the desk and check people in.  We had over forty families show up for the Community Chest.  We had everything from lawn ornaments and a tent to vitamins and cosmetics go out the door with the families.  They all offered their thanks as they left.  About noon, one of the employees we had not met came in and sat at the desk.  We were asked to inventory the new items arriving from Costco.  There were bakery items and non-food items. It took about an hour to do that.

We drove straight to the Fleet Center Commissary.  We had lunch at the food court at Pizza Hut.  We had a small list of things to get at the commissary.  We had planned to make some other stops, but Sister Fanning was feeling all-in for the day.

Sister Fanning took a nap again when we got home.  She realized that she had been using some toothpaste that had an added ingredient that interferes with the guaifenesin protocol for fibromyalgia.  She is sure she has been blocking for several weeks.  She thinks that may be contributing to the fatigue and pain that has increased lately.

We spent the evening putting away groceries, doing dishes, straightening the apartment, and relaxing.  We got to bed on time.

September 7, 2017


This morning we went to the USO to volunteer.  We started by making up four boxes of welcome home bags with snacks, cards, and red cross items for sailors returning from deployment. We inventoried and checked in the corporate donations.  Then we sat at the front desk and acted as receptionists.  They keep the door locked because of the homeless population in the area.  We have to buzz people in the door and check to make sure they have a valid ID.  The USO has a Facebook page.  The director posted that the bread had arrived, and we had lots of people come in.  The work was not quite as hard as it was last time.

After we finished at the USO, we stopped to get lunch at Red Robin.  We had a coupon for a free burger.  We had a good meal.  We also talked to the waitress about all of the things happening in the world – earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, etc.

When we got home, Sister Fanning had a headache, so she took a nap.

Sister Fanning made four dozen aloha cookies when she got up.  The first batch was an experiment to see how the oven cooks here.  We managed to get three dozen nice cookies from the batches.

We relaxed for a few hours and then went to be on time.

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