Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 31, 2017


This morning we went to the USO.  We inventoried a lot of non-food items.  They had items from last week, plus the ones for today.  We worked for three hours and then finished the items for last week.  We were so tired, that we decided to quit.  We put the items for today aside to finish on Thursday.

We stopped for lunch at Outback Steakhouse.  We had a small sirloin with veges and salad – a healthy meal.

We went to the Navy pharmacy in Chula Vista to get Sister Fanning’s prescription refilled.  She had picked up the prescription for the pain pills a couple of weeks ago when she went to the pain doctor.  She did not get them filled because she still had some pills left.  The Navy Pharmacy did not have the strength that the prescription was written for.  They called the Navy Fleet Center Pharmacy and they also did not have them.  She was told that she would have to go to the Navy Hospital Pharmacy to get the prescription.  We are too beat to fight the mob at the hospital.  We will go tomorrow.

Sister Fanning took a nap when we got home.  She was in a lot of pain.

We relaxed for the evening.

We went to bed on time.


October 30, 2017


We had to get the car in for service first thing this morning. We were at the dealer just after 7:00 am.  They brought us home in the shuttle.  It was the thirty thousand mile service, so it took a couple of hours.

They picked us up about 11:00 to go get the car.  It cost less than expected, which was a good thing.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Sister Fanning was feeling a little bit better.

October 29, 2017


We missed Stake Conference today because Sister Fanning was not feeling well again.  Se went back to sleep and slept most of the morning.

We did go to the base chapel for the LDS service.  No one came.  We came home afterwards and Sister Fanning went back to bed.  She slept the rest of the afternoon.

We relaxed for the evening.  We went to bed on time.

October 28, 2017


Sister Fanning was still not feeling well, but we went grocery shopping anyway.  There was a lot to purchase since we decided to eat healthier.  It will be really tricky to eat three healthy meals a day because of our schedule.

We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

We had the evening session of Stake Conference tonight.  We went but Sister Fanning was in a lot of pain.  The session was really good though.

We went to bed on time.

October 27, 2017


This morning Sister Fanning was still not feeling well she slept late.

We had an assignment to set up a table at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot Trunk or Treat.  We left about 3:30 and arrived in plenty of time.  It was a huge event.  They had lots of vendor tables.  There were prizes for the best decorated trunks, so they were quite elaborate.  There were also costume prizes.  There was a food truck and DJ playing Halloween music.  We had a good time giving candy out to little ones and seeing the costumes.  There was a group of 12 adults and children who made roller coaster seats out of cardboard boxes.  They came screaming into the field moving sideways and up and down as if they were actually on a roller coaster.  It was incredible. They won the most creative prize.  One family came by our booth and said they had seen us on the USO Facebook page when our picture was posted when we brought donuts.  It was fun to be recognized.

We came home and relaxed for a while.  Sister Fanning also worked on a menu for next week.  We are trying out a new way to eat.  We think we can lose weight and feel better by eating better.

We went to bed on time.

October 26, 2017


This morning we went to the USO to volunteer.  We checked in some bread and bakery items.  We also worked the front desk while the staff was in a meeting.  We stuffed some envelopes with tickets and offers to be sold at the USO Golf Tournament being used as a fundraiser.

We picked up some Taco Bell food on the way home.

Sister Fanning was not feeling well, so she went to bed.

She was still feeling poorly and running a fever later, so we canceled the resiliency lesson with Melanie.  All of the kids that we visited with in Lemoore were sick.  So, maybe Sister Fanning caught something from them.

We went to bed early.

October 25, 2017


This morning we started with seven missionary apartment inspections.  We gave each apartment a dozen dulce de leche bars.  We have been really surprised with the inspections.  Most of the apartments are not cleaned even though they know we are coming.  It was the same with the car inspections.  Either these missionaries have not been taught by their parents, or they are not equating sacred tithing funds with cleanliness of the mission assets.

We had an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon.  He had an emergency and was going to be late, so we went to Olive Garden nearly for lunch.  When we returned to the chiropractic clinic, we both did quite well in our adjustments.  However, it was evident that we had been traveling.  We were both in pretty bad shape.

Sister Fanning took a nap when we got home.

We had an appointment with the Military Liaison for the San Diego 8th Ward.  She is in the Navy Reserves.  Her husband is active duty Navy.  They have three children.  We talked about searching housing areas for military members using LDS Tools.  They both used it while we were there.  We talked about the members and other things.  We spent about an hour with them.

We got home about 8:30.  We relaxed a little bit before we went to bed on time.

October 24, 2017


This morning was our volunteer opportunity at the USO.  We worked the main desk and inventoried bread and bakery items and put them on tables.

We stopped at the commissary on the way home for a few items.  We also had lunch at the Food Court.

Sister Fanning took a nap when we got home.

Sister Fanning made 8 dozen dulce de leche bars when we she got up.

We relaxed a bit in the evening. We were still tired from the trip, so we went to bed early.

October 23, 2017


We figured that if we were on the road between 9:00 and 10:00 we would miss the morning rush hour in Los Angeles and the afternoon rush hour in San Diego.  We were right.  With a couple of quick stops, we made it home by 3:00.

We were really beat.  Both of us were physically sore and tired.  We spent some time unpacking and went to bed early.

October 22, 2017


We got up early so we could be at the Lemoore chapel by 8:40.  We wanted to greet and visit with people as they arrived.  We were able to see so many of the civilian families that came to Church.  Most of the military families have been transferred.  Elder Fanning was able to participate in the baby blessing for Sasha and Sabine’s little boy.  We were also asked to say the prayers in Sacrament meeting.  We were glad we came for this week, since a son of a military family gave his farewell talk before leaving for the MTC this week.  He will be serving in Mexico City. We ended up talking to people through the rest of the block of meetings.

We brought some snacks from the hotel for lunch that we ate in the car.  We drove out to the base to visit some families there.  We stopped to visit with Sasha and Sabine.  He is scheduled for deployment again next year.  They are going to get out of the Navy.  His deployments are very difficult for their oldest son.

We next stopped to see Lacey, Mitch, and Lindsay.  We love this family so much.  Lindsay gave us many hugs and played with us.  She will be two next month.  We had a wonderful visit.  Mitch will probably be transferred to Whidbey Island at the beginning of next year.

We went to the Bishop’s house a little early for dinner.  We were able to relax and visit.  Another military family who had transferred to China Lake came for dinner.  When they moved to China Lake, their son stayed in Lemoore and then went to college in San Diego.  He had his farewell at the Lemoore Ward since he spent his teen years there.  We had a great dinner and a wonderful time visiting with both families.

We got back to our hotel later than we wanted, but so enjoyed the evening we did not want to leave.  We got to bed late.  We did not realize how hard this trip was going to be on us physically.

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